Step 1) Who has access to this path

Paths can be shown to all users or just to some users, which we call a group. This similar to email marketing, like how you can send something to the entire database or send it to a particular segment.

For now, you can keep Participants the same. Just click Next > in the bottom right.

You can also jump to groups & tags to learn how to change who can access this path.

Step 2) Path details

On this step you can edit some overall details for your path. You will want to change the path title and upload your company logo as users will see this. You can always come back to this step to change it later as well.

Click on title to type to replace it or click the top right photo icon to upload a new one or remove it.

After uploading a photo you are given an option to adjust the photo crop.

Click Next > in the bottom right after making your changes to continue.

Step 3) Editing bits

Each screen in Pullpath is called a bit and users must take some action to continue such as choosing a reply, typing a comment or uploading a photo or video.

Click into the first bit to start editing the content.

On this page, you can click into the areas in red below to change the bit content you are sharing. On the bottom left, you can edit the bit replies or use the + / - buttons to add more options.

You can continue editing the other bits of this path or delete those that you don't need by clicking into the bit and clicking delete on the bottom right of the page.

You can also drag & drop to reorder the flow.

Click Next > when you are ready to test the path.

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