Results in Engage
If the premium reporting tier is active on your account, you will also have access to Pullpath Engage.
Engage is designed to view results on mobile and give you an easier way to 'story tell' the results back to your organization. If you don't see links to Engage, you can request it by sending a message to [email protected].
You can access Engage via the path list right side Edit drop down, Path Engage Link.
This menu option will only display if the Engage feature is active on your Pullpath account
You will need to be signed in to see the Engage results and you will also need admin privileges to view the data.
Designed for mobile so you always have access to results. Pullpath users also screenshot to add to other pullpaths or presentations.

Showing or hiding bits in Engage

In the bit edit view, you will also see a function along the top called Show in engage along with small hearts on each bit. Here you can customize which bit replies will be shown in Engage.

I'm unable to see results in Engage

If you are unable to see the engage results like above, try making your account an engage admin.
In the top right, search for your account in the CRM and click on your name to view your profile.
You can search by user id, name, email or phone number. Partial matches also work.
Click the drop down & Edit user details
Click the Edit button
Change Engage Admin to Yes, then click Save on the bottom left