Pullpath is an extremely flexible tool. We offer templates as a way to give you new ideas & best practices from the community.

We'll explain a few & give you links to download the pullpath .zip file, which you can then import into your CRM directly.

Here are few path ideas you can try:

Pre-meeting or pre-offsite pullpath

You can send some information ahead of time and gather questions or feedback from the team so you know what are the most important topics to cover together.

Introducing new colleagues

First you can send a pullpath to the new employee, asking a bit about them, some photos, hobbies etc to help the team get to know them better.

Then you can take their responses and use that in a pullpath for the rest of your team to introduce them to their new team member.

Weekly wins & focus

Growing fast can be a challenge so use a weekly pullpath to remind the team of what's going well. Celebrate those wins or recognize employees who are living the company values in action. You can also then remind everyone of the focus or pose a question to better understand where their energy is going.

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