Activating your pullpath

When editing a pullpath, on the last screen you are able to see how many users will have access to the pullpath and get the QR code or link to the path by clicking Activate Path on the bottom right. It's normal to have 0 participants shown unless you use a previous group or set the path to all users. This just means that you haven't sent the pullpath link to anyone yet.
A pullpath must be activated in order to test it.
Right click to save the QR code or to copy the path link.
You can also get this path link at any time from the CRM path list by clicking the Edit drop down menu, Path link.
Click this option to get the pullpath link & QR code for this path
What you see in the CRM will instantly match the front end view above. Images may cache on a phone so require refreshing to see changes.

Reseting your data

After testing your pullpath you may want to reset your account. In the CRM can click Search to find your account using the email or phone number that you signed up with then click the text in green or View Profile.
On the user profile page you can click the drop down below the profile photo and scroll down to see Reset data. This will remove all the user's submissions (replies to paths) and tags but will keep their account data such as name, email etc.
Scroll down in the User options menu to see more