Your next pullpath

We strongly recommend that every program start with at least one monthly pullpath. This gets the entire organization into a regular cycle and gives you a chance to show that you're listening to everyone's feedback, which is the only thing that will keep participation high over time.

For your next month's path, you can save time by first copying a pullpath. On the path list, use the far right Edit dropdown and select Copy path.

Then just give it a new name. For example, let's say you're copying the first update you sent in January then you would name this 'February update'.

When you are no longer sending new participants to pullpaths , you can pause or archive them.

A paused path can still be seen by users if they had access to it before but no new users will get it. An archived path can no longer be seen any any user. A pullpath must be paused before it can be archived.

You can also create folders to keep things tidy by clicking the drop down next to Create a path. Then you can drag & drop paths into folders.

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