Emailing results

The easiest and most popular way to share results is by emailing them to yourself or to colleagues. The graphs will be shown directly in the email without having to load images.

On the top of the bit edit screen, you will see a function Email Results. This will send an email of all the bits with show in engage hearts enabled. This allows you to choose which bits to include or to skip in the email.

On the next window, the only required fields is the recipients email address (top) and your name & email in the middle. You can also first send the results to yourself only and then forward it to multiple other colleagues from your email program itself. The bottom section you can skip unless you also want us to see the results.

Then you or your colleagues will receive everything they need to understand the results in one email. The graphs will scale up or down depending on their window size so it's mobile friendly as well, which is good for busy leaders.

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